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You are what you… have in your gut

While exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle (and logging your daily effort in Miles with Friends), your food intake is another critical element.

So, what’s your favorite diet? Is it a coincidence that people tend to attempt many different diet plans before settling on a good fit (if ever)?

Scientific research published in 2015 from the Segal Lab at the מכון ויצמן Weizmann Institute discovered that diets interact with our gut bacteria differently — and how our little symbiotic buggers (called our “microbiome”) respond to food determines if our body looses or gains weight.

Some people can loose weight on ice cream. Others can turn diabetic with the “healthy choice” of brown rice. Each of us might respond differently to the same food, so we can’t blindly follow blanket recommendations intended for all humans.

It’s no longer “you are what you eat” — it’s “you are your microbiome.”


Check out this video and then it’s time to start re-experimenting with what food interacts well with your microbiome. This is pretty important information here, so if you want to learn more, I’ll post additional links and details in the “What’s New” feed in the app soon.

Good luck with finding that ice cream makes your microbiome happy! (It’s possible.)

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